5 Stoners you MUST Follow on Pinterest

The following are the 7 Pinterest Boards Stoners Follow. These boards have the highest contributors and pins in the Pinterestsphere, so go ahead, follow & enjoy!

#1-Marijuana Group Board

Let’s get our cannabis lovers & hemp tree huggers a voice! You have found your home! Share the love ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ #cannabis #edibles #highlife


#2-420 Enough Said

That’s the time for me to throw my cares away.

#3-Cannabis, Weed, Grass, Marijuana

This is a place to show products, suppliers, sellers and art supporting legalized marijuana, weed, pot and Cannabis. Valxart cannabis designs are on Amazon with free shipping . Valxart’s medical cannabis designs are also customizable for labels, buttons, shirts, posters, hats, key chains & more at many locations including Cafepress,Redbubble and Zazzle.com Contact info@valx.us for assistance

#4-Stoner Motivation

Be a part of the growing marijuana Pinterestphere! Motivating, inspiring, and captivating images for stoners everywhere. #weed #ganja #stoner #marijuana #drugs #memes

#5-Cannabis Growing Tips

Share your expertise about growing Marijuana, Cannabis, Weed, Kush, Ganja. Contribute relevant and limited contents- 5 pins/day. Happy Pinning!

#6-Cannabis Recipe Ideas

Share and enjoy Marijuana, Cannabis, Weed, Kush, Ganja infused Healthy Recipes! Contribute relevant and limited contents- 5 pins/day. Happy Pinning!


Author: Cass

Hi I’m Cass, a cannabis lover/tree hugger. I love connecting with “higher-minded” people. Please leave me a comment of feedback, but first, tell me one thing that you are grateful for? I am grateful for a warm cup of tea & tincture in the morning.

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