Top 5 Ways to Save Money with Cannabis

Is your New Years Resolution to save money?
Always looking for ways to save a couple bucks?
Does this picture apply to you?
Then you will love these Top 5 Ways to Save Money with Cannabis… how to have a blast while still saving your green (cash I mean). 🙂
  1. Bake over drinking. Alcohol is so freaking expensive. Especially if you are at a club or a restaurant. Instead of drinking over the weekend make a batch of these Cannabis Cherry Pies. Bonus-No Hangover!!
2. Blow your mind with this book! God’s Debris by Scott Adams (the creator of Dilbert). Click in the link for a FREE download.
3. Reuse/Upcycle. During the holiday season it seems like I am always short on cash. Thats why I try to make gifts instead of buy them. Plus, do you really think your friend really needs that animal shaped waffle maker? Instead try making these mug sweaters made from old/unused swathers.
So adorable, and also a functional sleeve for hot drinks.
For more ideas check out the EMarijuana Recipes, “Creativity is the Spice of Life,” Pinterest Board
4. Throw a Minute-To-Win-It Party.
These games are super fun and are even more entertaining when high!
Try picking up marshmallows with chopsticks after a batch of brownies.
You can take a peak at all of the Minute-To-Win-It game on NBC’s Website
5. Go antiquing. This is my absolutely most favorite thing to do when high. I have never actually bought anything, but looking around is fascinating. I always get stuck around the odd salt shakers. You can find your nearest antique stores at
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Author: Cass

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