Top 4 Ways to Get Free Weed

#1- Grow yourself

One of the best benefits of growing yourself is knowing exactly what is happening with your medicine/supplements. Plus, your become more self-sustaining by learning how to grow marijuana for yourself. I will provide a resource with a step-by-step guide to growing weed.

For those of you fellow Coloradan’s or Washingtoners that are lucky enough to live in a state that lets you grow and purchase weed, take advantage of this incredible opportunity! 🙂 I will also provide you with some scenarios for grow co-ops and how to use trim that might otherwise be tossed! Please share… [Tweet “Top 4 Ways to Get Free Weed, from dispensaries, friends, co-ops, or grow your own medicine/supplements!”] I would love know, how do you get free weed?

You only need 4 things when it comes to growing weed…

  1. Space
  2. Light
  3. Nutrients
  4. Seeds
  5. Container

With I Love Growing Marijuana you can Buy 10 seeds, get 20 seeds. This is great for first time growers to have a great chance of sprouting seeds with a little wiggle room in case they mess up (which is easy to do!). Plus they will give you a free guide with Everything you need to know about growing marijuana. You can also check out our Top 7 Beginner Strains.


#2-Start a Grow Co-Op

In my pot-loving-hippie mind this would be the ultimate commune! What could be more of a peaceful environment that growing cannabis with a bunch of other cannabis lovers. Even better…sharing the weed together after harvest! You could also sprinkle some daily group meditation,  weekly mushroom mind workouts, and maybe sharing your significant other. 😉

Lets get practical …with a little scenario about Brenden, Rob, & Krista from Fort Collins, Colorado.

  • Brenden is the typical 22 year old working moonlighting at a hotel, he has a small 1 bedroom apartment.
  • Rob and Brenden know each other from high school and Brenden has a medical marijuana license and will often share with Brenden when they get together.
  • Krista met Rob at a house party and Brenden being the sweetie that he is shared a joint with Krista and they started talking about how fucking expensive marijuana can be at a dispensary, especially for just being a freaking plant! Oh, and Krista has a 3 bedroom condo.
  • After the party Krista & Rob start seriously discussing growing their legal recreation 6 plants in Krista’s extra bedroom. The only problem is neither of them have much of a green thumb and both work during the day. That’s where Brenden comes in. He has some experience in a garden would love to learn more about growing cannabis, plus he has the extra time Krista & Brenden need.
  • With the 18 plants total (9 vegging & 9 flowering) with a begginers yield of 2 oz per plant that will give each person oz every

You may have the space, while your friend could provide the light,  & another could provide nutrients. Split up the time spent maintaining, and have a great big trim party at the end.


If you have a friend who great grower make them your caregiver.

#3-Make butter, oils, & tinctures from friends leftover trim



#4- Get your medical license & visit local dispensaries.

  • Dispensaries often offer discounts to new patients, like a free gram, free joint, or even a BOGO (buy one get one) for the holidays.
  • Check out what deals you can pick up in your area with these websites/apps

*Bonus Tip…If you are a registered voter within the San Jose, California county you can get FREE WEED from The Silicon Valley Cannabis Coalition. They will be providing free weed to members who vote in the Tuesday election. The coalition said it will announce a list of clubs participating in the “Weed for Votes” program. Members must show proof with an “I Voted” sticker or ballot stub. Check out this article from The Cannabis to find out more.



Author: Cass

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