Medicated Polish Perogies

It was a wonderful winter afternoon in Glenwood Springs Colorado when I found myself in the local dispensary. Looking to find a couple grams before hitting the world famous hot springs. I met a wonderful and knowledgeable store owner that not only directed me towards some firey purple smurfberry, but also the  best Polish restaurant in town! At Polanka you can find borcht, stuffed cabbage, juicy Polish Sausage, sweet cream cheese blintz’s and of course….fried perogies! I was seriously in heaven!

I will stop in at that dispensary and Polish restaurant anytime I visit the wonderful town of Glenwood. However, it being at least a 3 hours drive through the mountain from where I currently reside in Colorado Springs I had to find a good recipe & made it medicated! These Medicated Polish Perogies will only pack a small punch when it comes to potency, but it’s a sure cure for some serious munchies. Bonus! This is a perfect make-ahead Stoner Sunday  meal because you can freeze about 50 of these savory snacks for later.


Author: Cass

Hi I’m Cass, a cannabis lover/tree hugger. I love connecting with “higher-minded” people. Please leave me a comment of feedback, but first, tell me one thing that you are grateful for? I am grateful for a warm cup of tea & tincture in the morning.

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