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This MagicalButter Review will discuss both the pros & cons of this botatical extrator plus a review of a cheaper weed butter machine. At E Marijuana Recipes we have used multiple methods to create the best weed butter, tincture, and oil using the stovetop, crock-pot, and cold water extraction method. But after seeing this new MagicalButter Machine, we just had to test it out! The MagicalButter Machine claims it can be used to create butter, tincture, oils, and lotions with the press of a button. Plus it comes with a strainer bag, a pair of gloves, and some groovy disco-style LED lights.



The MagicalButter Machine comes in the 110V (For USA/Canada/North America) & the 220V (For Outside North America)

As edible bakers we are always looking for the best kitchen tools to make The Best Weed Butter ever! So we figured the good first test would be a THC Infused Glycerin Tincture recipe seen below.We found that you can max out the Magical Butter Extractor with this recipe:


  • 1 quart of vegetable glycerin and 40 grams of bud and/or trim (we used 30 grams of high-quality hydroponically grown cannabis trim &  10 grams of cannabis bud)
  • 4 cups or 1 quart sized bottle of Vegetable Glycerin
  • 5 Tablespoons Sunflower lecithin


  1. Add all ingredients and press the tincture button, and forget about it for 4 hours.
  2. Strain the THC Infused Glycerin Tincture using the strainer bag provided into desired sealed container. 

This THC Infused Glycerin Tincture came out in deep green color with a very high potency level. 

One of my favorite features of the MagicalButter maker is that it has an immersion blender! You can take a peak at the other features seen below:


They also have some really great recipes, including these Pistachio Butter Brownies, YUM!


One reviewer who recently bought the new MagicalButter Botanical Extractor. Unfortunately the first time she tried to make an alcohol tincture the alcohol burned up too rapidly and created a charred black mess. But she didn’t give up! She tried again and increased the ratio of cannabis to alcohol (2 ½ ounces cannabis x 750mL x 190 Proof Grain alcohol such as Everclear), and it turned out great!


With the Magical Butter Maker costing around $174 dollars, I pondered, what might be an cheaper botanical infusion machine? After searching Amazon for the most advanced slow cooker on the market I discovered this Crock-Pot which only cost $59.99 and has many similar features to the Magical Butter Maker including a temperature gage, timer, and stir attachment. Regardless of the method you use, tincture should only be at 160 degrees (typically a LOW setting on the Crock Pot).

Crock-Pot  iStir Automatic Stirring Slow Cooker

 This Crock-Pot has all of the same feature including:

  • Automatically stirs your food to heat food more evenly
  • Stir feature prevents build-up and burnt edges on stoneware
  • Programmable cooking controls

MagicalButter VS Crock-Pot

Who is the winner of the Weed Butter Showdown?

For the E Marijuana Recipes team the MagicalButter Botanical Extractor Machine takes the cake. Mostly because we love the set it and forget it feature. Unfortunately the iStir Crock Pot’s stir feature doesn’t compare to the power of an immersion blender, especially when you are packing it with weed. However, it still is a great option for anyone looking for a cheaper way to make weed butter.

Other MagicalButter User Reviews…

If you cook it too hot, the herbs and their subtle qualities break down. If you don’t cook it enough, the herbs do not have the correct potency.

Well, with MagicalButter you don’t have to worry about anything. You don’t even have to grind up the herbs, as the MagicalButter even does that for you! This thing is too easy. No mistakes….perfect every time. You can make butter in under 5 minutes…press a button and literally leave the house and do something else!

Your herbal butter will come out the same way, time after time. That means more accurate recipes and better flavor!

There was nothing to clean up, no counter space lost, no mistakes made…..and perfect butter on the first try!

What a pleasure it was to read simple directions, press a button and have perfect herbal butter 2 hours later!

I look forward to making oil in the next few days and I’m sure it will just as easy! This little appliance is a true gem for those of us who enjoy herbal infused butter.

It is even better for people who use herbal oils for medical reasons, as Magical Butter is so simple to use even a person with serious disabilities could operate it successfully on the first try. If you can use a blender or microwave, you can use this machine.

Again, to re-summarize, this little gem delivers exactly what it advertises! That’s a rare quality for any company, especially in the genre of devices this appliance falls under. I love this machine and will give out 2 of them as gifts in the next couple months.


-Doc Bud, Staff Writer for 420 Magazine, see full review here


So the whole process for the butter making is a somewhat typical at around 2 hours, but the good news is you don’t have to stand there and assist in anyway. Once you push that button, to quote one of my favorite Tribe Called Quest’s songs, “It’s like butter baby.” You walk away, and come back in a spell, and you have your blend waiting for you in its new and ready-to-cook with form.  Nice. The cleaning part. Yes, I know you’re wondering. Well, don’t, because their is actually a cleaning button! They have a button for everything on here I swear. You just put a wee bit of dishsoap and water into the pitcher, close the top and push the button. Then you walk away. Very, very easy.

All in all, there’s really only positive surprises to be had with the Magical Butter 2 and zero negatives. The price tag is a bit fat at $175 bucks, but honestly, c’mon, this thing is worth every penny. Only a cheapskate would disagree after using the thing, and reaping the benefits in a truly painless manner. They also have a 30-day money back guarantee that ensures you’ll be happy with the purchase, so you really can’t go wrong.

-Jason Rush, Pot.Com, see full review here

I predict that the MagicalButter appliance will become a staple in the homes and businesses of many recreational marijuana users, “medible” chefs, and medical patients alike. It is not the type of device that a young newbie smoker would likely add to THEIR stash, but those with sophisticated tastes (and no time to waste) will be HIGHLY inspired by using this product.

-Bud S. Moker, Th.C., Smoking With Style, see full review here


Have you ever used the MagicalButter maker, or the crock-pot method of making cannabis butters/oils. & tinctures? Leave your comments below.

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