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Happy Holi-daz my friends! 420 is BY FAR the biggest holiday of the year for stoners! Scroll through for the FREE 420 printable.

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Recap 420 2014

Plus, an adult easter egg hunt, cannabis Cadberry cookie bar recipe (medicated),  23 creepy easter bunny pics, stoner lifestyle clothing, and the origin of 420. Let’s start with some great ways to Party It Up for the best holiday of the year….


Adult Easter Egg Hunt Anyone?

Since in 2014 April 20th fell on Easter this, it was the perfect time for an adult Easter Egg hunt with eggs filled with kush.

The only problem with hiding Easter eggs full of weed, is your bound to lose a few eggs, and believe me…we did. But we had a great time, check out some of the pics…


Make sure to bring this stoner inspired Easter treat

Cannabis Cadbury Cookie Bars



23 Creepy Easter Bunny Pics! from BuzzFeed

 Stoner lifestyle 4/20 Socks

Huff 420 Socks

4/20 Sunglasses

 39 Ways to Party in Colorado on 4/20

colorado hot girls



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