Edibles Review-Better Baked Tea Crystals

The following is a review of the Mango flavored Better Baked Tea Crystals. One of the VERY BEST things about these tea crystals is that you can find them in recreational stores all over Colorado. If you love iced tea during the summer time then you will love this!

Better Baked Peach Tea Crystals

Ingredients: Sugar, Corn Syrup, Flavoring Oil, Cannabis C02, food color, orange and black tea.

Dose: 2 Doses 100MG per bag

THC: 100MG  C02 extracted per dose

Price: Varies anywhere from $10-13 per dose

Instructions: One package and tea bag makes an 8 ounce cup of tea. Pour 1 cup (8oz) of water directly over tea bag, steep approximately 4 minutes and remove tea bag. The instructions say, “add sweetener if desired,” I found that it didn’t need any sweetener.

Taste: Dangerously good! This is a great way for marijuana users to get their necessary dose quickly and easily.

High: The high with Better Baked tea was quite strong. I was surprised what only a few sips of tea did for me. Definitely felt more of a Indica-like effect.

Overall Review: Smooth taste, easy to consume quickly and the after-effects were impressive.  I wasn’t sure if the tea bag included was caffeinated or not. A little caffeine may help battle any sleepiness felt if you are looking for a good wake & bake edible. Overall I really liked the way the tea tasted covered up the sometimes harsh cannabis flavor.

Where to find Better Baked Tea Crystals: If you are fortunate enough to live in the great state of Colorado, or just be in the neighborhood! 🙂 You can find Better Baked products at any of the following stores:

Colorado Springs

64 Store

A Wellness Center

Bijou Wellness Center


High Country Healing

Herb Shoppe, The


Western Slope of Colorado

Acme Dispensary – Ridgway

Acme Dispensary-Crested Butte

Alpenglow BotanicalsBreckenridge

Kine Mine-Idaho Springs

Medical Marijuana of the RockiesFrisco

Mind Body Spirit-Dumont


Sergeant Green Leaf Wellness CenterGeorgetown


Sunrise SolutionsBailey

The Highway Wellness CenterDownieville


Metro Denver

Altitude Dispensary East

Altitude Dispensary West

B Good

Chronorado Medical

Element Four20

Ganja Gourmet

Green Cross Caregivers

Green Cross of Cherry Creek

The Haven: A Strainwise Dispensary

Lotus Medical

Preferred Organic Therapy & Wellness

Rocky Mountain High

Satica Wellness

Tetra Hydro Center

The Giving Tree of Denver

Universal Herbs

Medicine Man Medical MarketGlendale

Natures Best Alternative MedicineGlendale


Outside Denver Metro Area


Clinic, on WadsworthLakewood

Good Meds Lakewood

Green Mountain CareLittleton

Green Solution – Lakewood 


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