The Edible Bakers Ultimate Bakeware

Edible Bakers Ultimate Bakeware

Stonerware Brand Pot Leaf Cookie Cutter Makes Pot Leaf Cookies. Tired of the same old cookie shapes? Round, Square, BORING! Use our potleaf cutter for those special batches of cookies or brownies and transform your tasty lil ‘treats with a groovy new look! Cause cookies taste better…baked!

Official Stonerware Ice Cube Trays & Stonerware Merchandise. Stonerware Ice Cube Tray Marijuana Leaf. This Stonerware Ice Cube Tray produces marijuana leaf shaped Ice Cubes, is made from heavy rubber and is dishwasher safe. Stonerware Ice Cube Trays make a great gift for any Stonerware fan. Toasted? Enjoy your ice cold drink with some potleaf shaped ice cubes. Time to cool off with our flexible rubber ice cube tray. Just sit back and chill. “Homegrown” in the USA

This Chip Clip is sure to come in handy in the event that your bag of fried goodness satisfies your insatiable hunger before it’s contents run out! The Stonerware Munchie Clip will keep your leftover chips and munchies fresh much longer so you are sure to chips as crispy as you are! This oversized chip clip is perfect for all size chip bags both big and small and measures 6″ across. The clip is green in color and features official stonerware logo and design with potleaf accents.

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