DIY Ducting Pumpkins

If you are a home grower you are almost guaranteed to have some extra ducting on hand. If not, just go to your local Habitat for Humanity ReStore. They should have a bunch of cheap ducting. For this cheap & easy halloween craft I used 6 inch and 4 inch ducting that has been connected by Duck Brand  HVAC Metal Repair Aluminum Foil Tape, and 2 colors of spray paint-Pumpkin Orange & Ivory. Then I used wine corks for the stem, and some FloraCraft Spanish Moss around the stem.

Ducting & Aluminum Foil Tape

6 inch ducting that has been connected at the seam with aluminum foil ducting tape

Ivory Spray Paint on 4 inch ducting pumpkins

Aren’t these pumpkins adorable, and so easy to make!




Author: Cass

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