2014 Denver 420 Rally Recap

The first thing I remember about the 420 rally was the German Shepherd standing menacingly by the entrance. A drug dog!? Are you serious!? To be completely honest I had no idea what I was walking into at the 4/20 rally and I was a little bit nervous is was somehow a trap! Thank god that German Shepard turned out to by one amount many dogs accompanied by their stoner owners.

Like many others I had the questions, would there actually be any pot at this rally? Answer…YES! Was anyone selling pot…Absolutely NOT! Well the answer to that may seem obvious but I am an optimist. But hey, this event was huge & you are able to smoke pot in Downtown Denver!

The 420 Rally included tons of food vendors, pipe & bong booths, & some hula-hooping hippies. Around 3:30 the dark rain clouds started to roll in and it began to sprinkle (typical Colorado weather) to rain and everybody scattered. Some managed to find shelter under a nearby semi.

The stage began a count down just before 4:20pm. There were the joint rollers (me & my BF), the vape pens, the guy walking around selling edibles, and a group who had brought a bong gas mask. My favorite vendor was the Hemp Coffee booth.

Next year EMarijuana Recipes will be there…Will YOU! 🙂


Author: Cass

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