The #1 No-Pill Pain Remedy


Did you know that as many as one in five Americans lives with chronic pain? It’s likely that you know someone who is suffering.

Luckily there is a all-natural, #1 No-Pill Pain Remedy, you have probably already guessed it…cannabis, marijuana, ganja, weed, whatever you like to call it.

In California, the first state to allow medical marijuana, approximately 40 percent of people who take the drug for medicinal purposes use it for chronic pain.

Gregory T. Carter, M.D., M.S. a Professor of Rehabilitation Medicine at the University of Washington School of Medicine  & a P.h.D student Sunil K Aggarwal, PhD, MD-C: presented a lecture called. “Cannabis in the Treatment of Chronic Pain.” During this lecture they discussed a number of clinical trials testing the use of cannabis for pain treatment in addition to the following main points.

Here are the Components of Pain That May  Respond to Cannabis:
• Neuropathic – burning, lancinating
• Mechanical: dull, aching
• Inflammatory: acute, sharp
• Our data show that patients use cannabis
to treat multiple pain syndromes

• Good analgesia
• High dosing ceiling vs toxicity
• Risk for psychological addiction
• Minimal physical dependence
• Little drug-drug interactions

The Future of Pain Relief, Cannabis + Opioids.

Dr. Abrams MD, professor of clinical medicine at the University of California, San Francisco  just finished another study looking at the interaction between cannabinoids (the compounds present in marijuana) and opioids (a class of drugs used for pain management). “There is evidence from animal models that cannabinoids and opioids [work together] in providing more than additive pain relief,” says Abrams. “That is similar to what we found in this latest study — cannabinoids, not only by themselves, but in addition to opioids, may be effective pain control strategies.”

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